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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Stuhlmiller Interview by Jay Kinde and Al Hager

          Mr. Stuhlmiller teaches AP Government and Theory of Knowledge(TOK) for the IB program.He loves teaching and is very enthusiastic in how he engages the class in discussion. Most of all, he loves the students because he gets to experience a vast amount of perspectives which aids in his discussions in both classes that he teaches. This school year is his 27th year teaching at Kenmore West. When he was starting out as a teacher, before he came to Kenmore West, he worked in a Buffalo private school teaching K-8 Spanish because there were no openings for Social Studies at the time. He then moved up to teaching grades 6-8 both Spanish and Social Studies before finally coming to Kenmore West. He has been teaching TOK since Kenmore West began offering IB. He’s not only enthusiastic in his teaching

life, he has many hobbies outside of school. He enjoys ornithology, art, biking, reading, camping, hiking, and more. He is also an avid philatelist, also known as a stamp collector. If you look closely at his walls, you will see evidence of this. He is sad to say, stamp collecting is a dying hobby. Overall, he’s quite an interesting person. If you get the chance to take a class with

him, I highly recommend it.


 Mr. Stuhlmiller’s Teaching Style

          Mr Stuhlmiller puts all of his energy into his teaching. He’s enthusiastic and entertaining as a way to hopefully get the same energy back from his students. He credits his students, saying he’s lucky to teach kids who are interested and invested in the class. He argues that a class is only as good as his students; all he does is inspire them. He spreads his enthusiasm to the students leading to high participation in classes because the classes are fun to be in. You can genuinely tell by watching him in class that he loves his job; he is so passionate in his teaching that its refreshing as a student to witness. His main goal in teaching is to get students to think critically, not just about class topics, but also in their lives. He gives students a safe space to consider different perspectives and to realize that theirs isn’t the only perspective that matters. He says that this is so much better than anything that exists Online, because it teaches you a lesson in how to have a civilized argument or discussion without hiding behind the anonymity of a screen. He wants students to push themselves to take in other opinions and process them. He says the only difference between AP and IB classes, is the content. He spreads the same messages, but IB gives him more fluidity with lessons whereas AP limits him slightly with specific content crammed into one year. His favorite things to teach are the IB lessons that come to him in the moment that he gets to incorporate. He loves the rush of freedom and risk of making a new lesson and not knowing how students will react to it.


Mr Stuhlmiller’s advice

          Mr Stuhlmiller’s advice is to find whatever you love most about school early on and then pick which pathway best suits you. He wants students to realize that not everyone is IB bound or AP bound. Sure, he encourages those pathways, but he realizes they aren’t for every student. There are so many opportunities and pathways at Kenmore West. The best thing a student can do for their academic career is to figure out what fits them best and to roll with it.




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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Stuhlmiller Interview by Jay Kinde and Al Hager
Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Stuhlmiller Interview by Jay Kinde and Al Hager
Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Stuhlmiller Interview by Jay Kinde and Al Hager