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Painting Pumpkins for Charity By Jay Kinde

          Kenmore West students came together to paint pumpkins for charity. For the last 4 years, Ms France has rallied students together to paint pumpkins. These pumpkins then get auctioned off and the proceeds go to The Miracle League, a baseball league for disabled children and adults. This organization allows for disabled people to play on a league whereas they may have been excluded from a conventional one. This inspires people and gives them confidence. Many schools raise money for this league including Kenmore West. This year 30 kids showed up to paint! It’s heartwarming to see busy kids take time out of their days to do something to help the community. After the pumpkins are painted, they get auctioned off. It’s conducted with bidding on a sheet of paper. People bid on the pumpkins until there is a winner. It gets competitive where teachers take part in playful bidding wars with each other. However, it doesn’t stop with just the teachers; the students take part in this too. One year the minion pumpkin Ms France painted sold for $45 with two students splitting the price. This fun activity is a wholesome reminder of the amazing community at Kenmore West. At West, students and faculty come together to support the community and care for others. It’s amazing what we can do when we come together


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Painting Pumpkins for Charity By Jay Kinde
Painting Pumpkins for Charity By Jay Kinde
Painting Pumpkins for Charity By Jay Kinde