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Powderpuff by El Richards

          This year’s Powderpuff was Alyssa Quinlan and Maura Dungan’s CAS project for IB. They did a fantastic job at organizing the entire event and had such a great turnout with all who participated in the event as well as a great fan section. All of the proceeds were given Roswell Park for breast cancer. The Powderpuff games took place at Crosby Field from 4:30-6:00pm on Friday October 18th. The layout of the games were Seniors v. Freshmen at the first game, Juniors v. Sophomores at the second game, Sophomores v. Freshmen at the third game, and Seniors v. Juniors as the last game. Seniors took the first win of the day against the Freshmen. The overall placement of scores started with a tie for first place between the Seniors and Juniors, Sophomores in third place, and the Freshmen in fourth place. This year the Juniors and Seniors had at least 30 people signed up to participate! Another amazing aspect of Powderpuff this year was bringing back boy cheerleaders. Their performance was shown during the pep rally with a mix of all sorts of cheerleading skills, including stunts and tumbling. The routine was choreographed by two senior cheerleaders, Amber Horton and Olivia Lodico, who also had help from other cheerleaders during practices. Overall, this year’s Powderpuff was a major accomplishment and a remarkable event to attend during Homecoming week and right before our bonfire that surely brought together student classes and Blue Devil Pride.


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Powderpuff by El Richards
Powderpuff by El Richards
Powderpuff by El Richards