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Some Book and Movie Suggestions By Erin Zeller

Since mid-march, we have all been stuck in quarantine and since the end seems to be right around the corner, a list of activities might be perfect for summer! If we have to stay in quarantine, you can work on a tan, have a fire, socially distance with friends, write some letters, send care packages, and even show your creative side through art, music, and carpentry. Even when we get out of quarantine, it’s going to be imperative that we still take precautions so as not to spark another wave of COVID-19 maybe still stay a little distanced from one another, try to avoid public pools and beaches as well as places that you cannot be at least three feet apart from people at all times. With that in mind, there are still many different things that you can do! You can have friends over for baking or gaming, you can participate in hockey games at mang park, online classes for various talents such as theatre and drivers ed. Now might also be an opportune time to pick up a new hobby or language. Sewing is an important skill to have as well as preparations for the apocalypse*! It is imperative that whatever you do, try not to be too repetitive as there is so much that you can do and try. For all of us these are our last year(s) where we can just let loose and have fun with minimal responsibilities, so go out and enjoy it! Do those things on your bucket lists, admit your feelings to someone special, be adventurous, be spontaneous, and never leave behind regrets. No matter what happens, you tried it and it will be an experience you remember for the rest of your life. Have fun, enjoy, and I wish you well. Seniors: you will be missed but on behalf of the newspaper, we wish you the best in this next chapter of your lives.

* The above comment was a joke, any alignment to the rest of the year is purely coincidental.


For those lazy days where you don’t really want to get off the couch, such as stormy days, here are some good books and movies you can just relax to. On Netflix some binge-worthy shows are, Dynasty, I am Not Okay With This, Jane the Virgin, DIsenchantment, Outer Banks, All American, The Good Place, Tiger King, Dead to Me, One Day at a Time, Lucifer, On my Block, and House of Cards. Movies: Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, Clueless, Incredibles 2, The Boy In the Striped Pajamas, Alex Strangelove, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Hulu Movies: Kingsman 1 and 2, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle, San Andreas, Now You See Me, It, Gone Girl, Parasite, Drumline, 10 Things I hate About You, Idiocracy, Zombieland, The Martian, Get Smart, Hidden Figures, and Rocketman. Hulu Shows: Mrs. America, Little Fires Everywhere, Handmaid’s Tale (Rated R), The Act, Killing Eve, Daria, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

 These are just a few interesting options if you get bored during this extended stay-cation. I hope you enjoy some of these suggestions and remember, go outside sometimes.




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