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Mental Health in Quarantine by Erin Zeller

Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have been focusing on our physical health mostly. This should not be your only concern and as such, you should be focusing on your mental health just as much. We tend to triage our mental health in favor of the more accepted states of being. It is crucial that while you may not be able to see your friends in person as much, try to call or video chat, even sending memes, or tiktoks to each other is a great way to stay in touch. Try taking a walk and getting out of your house, staying inside can make you feel trapped and depressed, getting some fresh air can help ease some of those feelings. If you’re feeling anxious then try taking some B12 vitamins and taking deep breaths. No matter what, it’s important that you remember we’re all in this together, it may not feel like it now but there are so many people going through similar things. If you can’t talk to your parents, try talking to your friends or a crisis counselor. Please don’t lose hope, many of us know someone who has lost someone during this time so try to reach out to some of your friends that you haven’t talked to in a while. Try doing something that usually makes you happy. Make plans with your friends for after quarantine so you have something to look forward to. Do something so that, if even for a little bit, you can forget why you’re feeling upset. If you have a complicated home life and don’t know if you can talk to anyone the numbers for suicide prevention, crisis hotline, and the domestic violence hotlines are below if you need to talk to someone. Please believe me when I say this, you should always talk to someone.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Crisis Services:

 (716) 834-3131

Domestic Violence Hotline:

(716) 433-6716





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