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Mark's Magical Musical By Mark Bogacki

          I’ve always had a dream of becoming a composer for Disney and Broadway as I am always fascinated by the power that music possessed in storytelling. To gain some experience in the process, I’ve decided to dedicate my IB CAS project to making an original musical from scratch. There will be a completely original script and musical score written by me as well as a live cast, crew, and pit orchestra performing. I will also be directing and conducting for the actual performance. As I lack the experience and time for a full two hour musical, the show will be roughly around half an hour with a hand full of musical numbers, hence the “Mini” in Mark’s Magical Mini Musical Musical. The show will take place on the Kenmore Middle School stage Friday, November 22nd. This show is open to the public and all ticket sales will go the Kenmore West Science Olympiad team. As I don’t want to give away too much of the show itself just yet, the musical will be a colorful comedy with Disney inspired music. The goal of the show is to entertain and be a nice break from reality. Many talented Kenmore West students will be volunteering to help make my show a reality and wish for everyone to come see and support! Currently there are over a dozen musicians involved in just the pit orchestra itself. This will be a huge time commitment for the students involved as well as teachers in the music and theater department. All should attend as I would like to obtain constructive criticism and feedback from multiple perspectives from the audience. I encourage everyone to stop by and enjoy some juicy tunes at Mark’s Magical Mini Musical Musical!



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Mark's Magical Musical By Mark Bogacki
Mark's Magical Musical By Mark Bogacki
Mark's Magical Musical By Mark Bogacki