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 KenWest Theatre Presents… By Dominque Eubanks


The Kenmore West theatre department is presenting the play Peter and the Starcatcher on November 7-9. Peter and the Starcatcher is a play detailing the origin of Peter Pan. After a long audition and casting process, the show was casted and rehearsals are in full swing. Our actors and crew are working away at conveying an incredible story for the audience while the director, Ms. Diana Gruninger, is working to put the show together. Senior, Jack Rizzuto, who has been cast as Peter says, “The process for crafting this beautiful story is intense, but it’s totally going to pay off when you see the remarkable origin of Peter Pan.” Senior, Luci Weatherbee, who is casted as Molly, states “It’s always fun to work with new people and to act with my closest friends. It can be challenging at times but it’s been an amazing experience so far.” She’s right, it can be challenging. Our actors are balancing school, other activities, and their personal lives, while also rehearsing for hours at the end of the school day. The process for putting this play together is tough for both the actors, crew, and director. Ms. Gruninger explained, “This show is ‘story theatre’ which makes for a really creative rehearsal process. Everyone is doing a wonderful job so far despite some difficult stage conditions.” We hope to see you at the shows on November 7-9!



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 KenWest Theatre Presents… By Dominque Eubanks
 KenWest Theatre Presents… By Dominque Eubanks
 KenWest Theatre Presents… By Dominque Eubanks