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A Chapter in Kenmore History By Rakan Bousag

          All things considered, Kenmore is a very recent community, with the first house being built in 1889 by Louis P. A. Eberhardt.The great majority of the settlers were young, married folk, who loved to throw surprise parties for each other for no reason at all, other than to sim-ply to enjoy themselves. A suggested name for the village was “Eberhardt” but that was refused by Eberhardt himself because he didn’t like public publicity. Around this time, the Erie Railroad had chosen the name ‘Kenmore’ for a station. Eberhardt chimed in and appropriated the name for his settlement with the Erie Railroad opting for the name ‘Kensington’ instead. There are two probable origins for the name ‘Kenmore’, one is a small island on the south-west coast of Ireland, and the other is a village in Scotland. In March 1894, after a fire burnt down Eberhardt’s first home in Kenmore, people began to speak of annexing to Buffalo as Kenmore had a lack of water to put out the flames. The subject was unanimously favorable. In 1909, Kenmore’s population reached the threshold for incorporation, so that secured water, sewers, lighting, and more. As late as 1918, the village of Kenmore didn’t have any sort of post of-fice, even though it had a population of 5000 at the time.


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A Chapter in Kenmore History By Rakan Bousag
A Chapter in Kenmore History By Rakan Bousag
A Chapter in Kenmore History By Rakan Bousag