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Homecoming Dance 2019 By Maddie Crispin

          The Homecoming Dance took place on 19th, 2019. The Home-coming Dance is dance many people look forward to. The dress code for the dance is semi-formal. Many girls spend weeks picking out the right outfit. This year we were told at 9am the day of the dance, that we were not allowed to wear heels in the gym. This caused some people to scramble, trying to find the perfect shoes for their outfit. The night started at 7 o’clock. There were over 800 people at the dance. It was held in the new gym due to the high volume of people attending the dance. The line to get in was fairly long. It took some peo-ple at least 20 minutes to get into the dance. Once inside, you were checked to see if you had your ticket and ID, and then you went into a line that corresponded with your ticket number and were allowed into the dance. Many girls who wore heels changed out of them right as they got there, and went off to dance. Upon entering the gym, there were a lot of pictures being taken. The most pictures were taken in the beginning of the dance, but it is also scattered throughout the night. After pictures are taken, most people go to dance with their friends. It was a common opinion that the music selection for this dance wasn’t the best. When in-terviewed, Ashley Tully said, “The music was bad.” But if you were able to get over the “bad music,” the dance was a really good time. When interviewed, Ra-chel Greenwood said “I think Homecoming was a su-per fun way for kids to come back to school and hang-out with their friends and feel like themselves. I feel like the music wasn’t the best, but it was great to be there and spend the night with my friends.” Sophia Digesare also said “I thought the Homecoming dance was very fun. I enjoyed it.” All in all, the dance was a great success!


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Homecoming Dance 2019 By Maddie Crispin
Homecoming Dance 2019 By Maddie Crispin
Homecoming Dance 2019 By Maddie Crispin