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Help Your Neighborhood Cats By jesse Waldron

         Many people in Kenmore have outdoor cats as pets, know of somebody who has one or know of some cats who live on their street or nearby. As winter approaches, it is becoming dangerous for cats to be exposed to the elements for too long. Cats may be resilient, especially those who have lived outside for a long time and have survived winters, but the fact remains that they do not live comfortably in conditions under approximately 45°F. This is why it is up to us, as humans, to help our feline friends and give them some shelter. Feral Cat Focus is a nonprofit organization that provides fundamental services for feral cats in Western New York. We build winter shelters available for purchase to provide warmth and safety to cats living outdoors as it gets colder. They are made out of two 30 gallon size totes with holes for cat entry. Straw is used as insulation and comes with purchase. They are $20 each to cover the cost of materials used. These shelters could very well save an animal's life in the harsh and frigid winters we experience here. If you have any questions or are interested contact Jesse Waldron at or contact Feral Cat Focus at 888-902-9717 or Additional information on this organization can be found at



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Help Your Neighborhood Cats By jesse Waldron
Help Your Neighborhood Cats By jesse Waldron
Help Your Neighborhood Cats By jesse Waldron