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Stay Gold book review by Jay Kinde

Everyone has secrets, things they don’t share, or lies they tell. Pony has a secret, he’s transgender. He’s not hiding it because he’s ashamed, he just wants to be normal. Georgia tells stories to deflect from the truth. She’s as ‘normal’ as could be, on the surface. She’s a cheerleader, in the spotlight of popularity, with the quarterback after her. It’s everything she ever wanted, right? Stay Gold by Tobly McSmith draws readers in making them want more and more. Pony the new kid, trying to blend in. Georgia, the cheerleader. When Pony ends up in every single one of Georgia’s classes including her science lab, as her lab partner, the two become unlikely friends. From the very first page, the story is sappy and addictive, cliche but unexpected. Even minor characters become beloved by readers. This isn’t your average ya novel, it’s sweet and funny and it opens readers’ eyes to struggles transgender teens face. Reading the story takes you through the highs and lows, you laugh with the characters and you feel their pain. This story is wonderful and spreads awareness. Go pick up this book and fall in love with the characters, you won’t regret it.




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