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French Exchange By Juliette Falzone


A couple of weeks ago, my family hosted a French foreign exchange student. This was my first time hosting an exchange student and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, since I’ve been taking French for a few years, I know my limits to the language butdidn’t know how good the exchange student’s English would be since we had only texted briefly. After meeting Asma in person, I quickly learned that her English was much better than my French. I did speak to her in French sometimes which I could tell made her feel more comfortable, but there were limits to how much we could understand each other. One night we went to a party that was for the French Exchange where I met a few of her friends. One of her friends, Kylian, told me he spoke French, English, German, and Dutch. Kylian also told me that he was worried about getting fat from eating a lot of fast food and that in America, name brands were much cheaper than in France. Overall the French kids I spoke to agreed that they like America but our food is weird. They also were very surprised when they saw less obese people than what they expected.



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French Exchange By Juliette Falzone
French Exchange By Juliette Falzone
French Exchange By Juliette Falzone