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The Drive-in Article by Jay Kinde

 After months of diverse weather hitting extremes, it seems to be evening out to be a nice upcoming summer. We have been living in quarantine and while restrictions are becoming laxer we still need to take precautions. One amazing activity is that of the drive-in. Located at 6655 South Transit Road, Lockport New York lies a wondrous little drive-in. All the excitement of a movie theatre from the comfort of your car. Pack up all of your blankets and pillows in the bed of your truck or trunk of your car. Bring along drinks and snacks but don’t forget to visit the snack bar. They have delicious cream cheese filled pretzels, burgers, nachos, desserts, and many more treats to appease any craving you have. See an array of the latest releases with your friends or family. However, even more fun is the retro movie showings. Experience blasts from the past by going to the showings of 80s movies, all amazing classics that are a necessity to any movie lover. They just don’t make movies like they used to, from The Breakfast Club to Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you’ve never watched any 80s cult classic movies, you are truly missing out! Whether you like retro movies, new releases, fresh air, or even just good snacks the drive-in is a must-do every summer. Especially now when we can’t be in close proximity this is a good substitute for movie theatres. Enjoy your summer Kenmore West!




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The Drive-in Article by Jay Kinde
The Drive-in Article by Jay Kinde
The Drive-in Article by Jay Kinde