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End of the Year Closure Article by Jay Kinde

Kenmore West students and staff have had to miss a number of special events that traditionally mark the end of the academic school year. Everyone's hearts ache for the seniors who are missing out on their ‘lasts’ as high schoolers. Prom, sports, plays, celebrations, last days. Our last day in school was just a normal Friday, we went home not really believing anything would happen to us. The young attitude of invincibility mixed with the unprecedented situation of the circumstances led to this online learning coming as a shock. We held out hope as long as possible but eventually came the news: we are not going back. This is it, our new normal. We’ve been forced to adapt. However, we’ve also come together and show how important the community aspect of the school is. Kenmore West is a family, not just a learning facility. There are so many special things we are losing out on about the end of the year, the most important aspect of it being: closure. Most years can be quantified by final days, signing people’s yearbooks, and dwindling classes filled with agitated students counting down the moments until summer. The cramming late nights before exams, then taking them, getting them over with for better or for worse. Then, walking out of your final exam of the year. The feeling of relief that the year is over after all of your hard work. Hanging out with friends to celebrate the freedom of summer that feels infinite despite being merely two months. This year we have lost normalcy, we have lost closure. Especially the seniors, they lose closure on a grander scale, twelve years of hard work ending in this. It’s important now to try to give ourselves that closure we have lost. Once final grades are put in, have a fire or dance to music or whatever you can. Do something to congratulate yourselves for surviving these last few chaotic months. These are unprecedented times. Make sure to let yourselves breathe in the sun and celebrate the fact that it is summer. Think of the strength and resilience we have gained. Enjoy your summer and stay safe.



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End of the Year Closure Article by Jay Kinde
End of the Year Closure Article by Jay Kinde
End of the Year Closure Article by Jay Kinde