Marshall Plumlee is the third and final Plumlee that will be at Duke, the true end of an era. Both of his brothers, Miles and Mason, are Duke National Champions and were very valuable players during their time at Duke. Marshall will be expected to live up to their legacy, but has been unable to so far during his Duke career. Entering just his redshirt sophomore year, there have been many people questioning his possible impact at Duke. This season, Duke needs Marshall Plumlee to step up, with a lack of a true center on Duke's roster. Whether Marshall Plumlee can fill that role, like his brothers before him, will be a huge question for Duke this season.


Going into lasts season, Coach K was thought Marshall had a good chance of being the sixth man. Unfortunately, Marshall got injured and never returned to game form. When Marshall was on the court, he looked lost. He was playing with a lot of energy, but looked like he was trying too hard to make an impact. With an offseason to heal and fine tune his game, Duke will need Marshall to come back stronger then ever.


Last season, Mason Plumlee had one of the best seasons ever by a Duke big man. Not only did he play strong defense and rebound well, he was masterful at scoring post moves at the rim. While Duke would love to see an offensive game out of Marshall this season, it is not needed and very unlikely. A more likely, but just as important role for Marshall Plumlee would be a post defender and rebounder. This was the role that Marshall's oldest brother, Miles, performed at Duke. Mason exceeded expectations, but Marshall will not need to reach that level, at least not this season. If Marshall can play like Miles, Duke will be in great shape for this season.


While Marshall Plumlee may never become the player that Mason Plumlee was, I believe he will be able to get on the same path as Miles. It would be amazing for Duke to get another Mason Plumlee, but it does not appear like Marshall will ever get there. If Marshall Plumlee can become the athletic rebounder and defender that Miles Plumlee was at Duke, I will be very pleased, and so should all Duke fans.