It is extremely difficult to quantify the impact Jon Scheyer will have on recruiting, but I believe he will be a very valuable piece of Duke's recruiting team. Coach K likes adding former players to his coaching staff and Jon Scheyer is the newest member as this group. Scheyer does not bring experience, but he brings a recent Duke player and National Champion. Many of the older coaches played for Duke, but their experiences as a player are not as relevant to the current players. Jon Scheyer brings a unique angle to Duke recruits, which can only help Duke going forward.


Jon Scheyer was a star during his four year career at Duke. He averaged over 11 points per game in every season in his career, including over 18 ppg his senior year. He was a model Duke player on and off the court, and gives Coach K a great example of what it takes to be a great Duke player. Coach K also gets someone, besides current players, who can give recruits a clear picture of his style, enthusiasm, and impact on the player’s lives. Jon Scheyer is also an example of a player who got the most out of his talent at Duke. Scheyer was expected to be a solid college player, but he over-exceeded expectations at Duke.


While it may not seem like Coach K needs help recruiting based on his success the last few years, any help is definitely accepted. Jon Scheyer is not an experienced coach yet, but he will learn. In the meantime, he can make great recruiting pitches to top recruits. It is extremely difficult to quantify his impact, I expect Scheyer to make Duke an even more attractive landing spot for top recruits.