Word came out late Thursday night that Seth Curry was set to sign with the Golden State Warriors. This will allow him to play in the NBA with his brother Stephen, and the up-and-coming playoff team that was being built. It is not surprising to see Seth join an NBA team, as he had many offers to join teams in training camp. After going undrafted in the NBA Draft, Seth was unable to showcase his skills in the Summer League due to his nagging leg injury. Even though Seth missed the Summer League, Seth was rumored to have had many NBA offers but in the end, he decided on the Warriors.

The Warriors appear to be a great fit for Seth Curry. First and most importantly, he will get to play with his brother. Seth has a similar play style to his brother, but does not have the quickness or ball handling skills. If Seth Curry can improve his ball handling, he will be a much improved scorer. He has the ability to make spot up shots, but he needs to create his own shot to become a great scorer. 

Golden State is also a good spot for him because they do not have a guaranteed back up point guard. Second year guard Kent Bazemore is the most likely to take the role, but he does not have experience yet. Golden State also brought in Toney Douglas as a free agent. Douglas has more experience than Curry or Bazemore, but does not have the potential that Curry or Bazemore have. Curry is not likely to take the role, but at least that possibility is there for him.

Finally, Golden State is a good fit for Seth Curry because of recent signee Andre Iguodala. Seth will be able to play point guard with Iguodala, without the pressure of being the primary ball handler. On offense, Iguodala can handle the ball a majority of the time while Seth Curry is allowed to spot up. On defense, Iguodala will likely guard the taller player, while Curry can guard the point guard. This allows Curry to play point guard, without the pressure of handling the ball. 

The Warriors are a good fit for Seth Curry, but I wish he was joining the Bobcats or Spurs. The Bobcats give Curry a much better chance at making the team and minutes. They are a rebuilding team and are more likely to give a young player minutes. The Spurs also appear to be a good fit because of their expertise at developing players. Guards Gary Neal, Cory Joseph, and Danny Green all excelled after joining Coach Popovich and the Spurs. Still, the Warriors give Seth Curry a home and a great opportunity to make a good young team.

Like all Duke fans, I think Seth will be a huge success in the NBA and with the Warriors. After he went undrafted, he tweeted out, "I will be good! The journey doesn't stop and the goal remains the same. Back to work in the AM." That dedication, hard work, and sacrifice he proved at Duke will translate to the NBA. While Seth Curry is likely not a star, he will be able to fill a role in the NBA and become a very valuable player.