Just hours before Duke plays their first game of the season, 2014 power forward recruit Reid Travis will be making his college choice. He has recently cut his list down to Duke, Minnesota, and Stanford. Travis had been considered a Duke lean, but signs seem to be switching towards his hometown Minnesota Gophers. It is tough to say what he will do, he will have a major impact at whatever school he decides to attend.


After Kevon Looney's surprise commitment to UCLA, Reid Travis becomes a much more important recruit for Duke. Duke is already a short team this season, and will lose some height from senior Josh Hairston and possibly Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood as well. With the Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones decision still up in the air, it would be huge for Duke to land a top power forward from the 2014 class. He would be a great compliment to those players, but could help Duke by himself as well.


If Reid Travis comes to Duke, he will bring a real toughness to a Duke team that really needs it. He is a strong rebounder who really fights hard under the glass. He definitely has more strength to him than most Duke bigs, and will be able to use his body against bigger players. He was a lesser known player going into the AAU circuit, but he excelled playing with his teammate Tyus Jones. His presence at Duke would be huge, as he brings a toughness at big that Duke has lacked.


Another possible huge part of Reid Travis decision could be his impact on the Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor decision. They have said that they want to stay together, but that may not end up happening. Should they decide to split, Reid Travis committing to Duke could be huge in possibly bringing Tyus Jones to Duke. It would not be the same as the Okafor and Jones tandem, but they are both extremely talented and have a lot of experience playing together.


It will be interesting to see what Reid Travis decides, with his decision appearing more important than ever to Duke. Whether he chooses Duke of not, Travis will have a very successful college career and may have an NBA future ahead of him. Regardless of what happens, I wish him the best of luck. I hope he makes the right decision and comes to Duke!