I did an interview with Jose Fonseca back in June, and posted an article on it then. 


Here is the full interview! 

How did you first get involved with Duke Basketball?


I interviewed in June of 2004 and was hired in July of 2004 after Coach K turned down the Los Angeles Lakers.  I started working in August of 2004 and have never been happier.

What is it like working with such a great coach and man in Coach Krzyzewski?


It is amazing!  I pinch myself every day and hope that my time at Duke it is not a dream. Coach K is the best in every aspect of coaching and being a man.  I really couldn’t ask to have a better boss.   

How much time a week do you put into helping the team?


The team is my sole responsibility, so whatever time it takes…I put in.  During the season, it could be up to as many as 75 hours/week.  It is a little more laid back in the summertime, but this off season we have had 4 surgeries so I find myself here getting our guys healthy. 


Do you ever feel you should get more recognition by Duke fans for all the hard work you put into the team?


No, I am part of the behind the scenes support staff who helps our guys shine under the bright lights.   


How was it working with Ryan Kelly and Seth Curry battle injuries all year?


It was difficult and very stressful, but Seth and Ryan were terrific patients which made my job easier. 

What player in your Duke career worked the hardest at returning from an injury?


All of our players work hard in every aspect, but I would have to say Kyle Singler.  He is on another level. 


What is your best moment at Duke?


Winning the National Championship in 2010


What do you think of this years team?


I am excited to see our team this year and have big expectations.  I am looking forward to seeing how different we will play as we are more athletic.  I think that we will be an extremely fun team to watch.