Vance Jackson is a very talented recruit in the class of 2016. He is a 6-6 small forward from Bellflower, California where he attends St. John Bosco High School. According to other recruiting analysts, he ranks as the #40 overall recruit, coming in at #9 for all small forwards and is overall #6 in the state of California. I can't thank Vance enough for his time and for being so great throughout the entire interview and here it is!


Daniel Labriola: What schools do you have offers from and which have contacted you thus far?

Vance Jackson: Washington, UCONN, Arizona, Arizona State, Gonzaga, USC, Oregon, and UNLV have offered me and UCLA, Texas, ASU, Arizona, Cal, USC, Kansas, Georgetown, Washington, Vanderbilt, San Diego State, Utah, Stanford, and Duke have showed interest. 


Daniel Labriola: Congratulations! How have the talks with Duke been and when did they first talk to you?

Vance Jackson: They called me the first day of open period for colleges to call.


Daniel Labriola: Would you consider Duke if you got an offer? Also, how would you see yourself fitting into the Duke system?

Vance Jackson: Yes, most definitely. It would be an honor to receive an offer from Duke. I can see myself excelling really well in Coach K's system. I watch them a lot. 


Daniel Labriola: What are your thoughts on Coach K and the work he's done with Duke as well as Team USA?

Vance Jackson: (He is) the greatest coach in basketball and he helps players get to where they need to be. 


Daniel Labriola: How much of an influence does the academics of the school have when making your decision?

Vance Jackson: It has an influence as it motivates me to do well.


Daniel Labriola: What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses on the court?

Vance Jackson: My strengths are scoring the ball, shooting, dribbling, my basketball IQ, and rebounding. My weakness would be my athleticism. 


Daniel Labriola: What ways do you think you can work on your weakness (athleticism)?

Vance Jackson: Right now during this offseason until July during the live period, I've been working on my conditioning, my speed, and stuff like that as well as stretching. 


Daniel Labriola: What do you feel that you would bring to the table for whichever school you choose?

Vance Jackson: My skill level and doing whatever it takes to help my team win. 


Daniel Labriola: Who has been your greatest supporter during this time and who do you model your game after? 

Vance Jackson: My parents and Kevin Durant. 


Daniel Labriola: Lastly, is there anything you want Duke fans or fans of other schools to know about you?

Vance Jackson: That I love the game and I'm always working on my game to help whatever college I choose and to create a name for myself. 


Daniel Labriola: Thank you so much for your time! I appreciate it and good luck in your high school seasons as well as your college decision.