I was fortunate enough to interview Jayson Tatum, the fifth ranked recruit in the 2016 class by ESPN. He is a 6'6" small forward out of Saint Louis, Missouri and attends Chaminade College Prep for high school. He is a great young man and I wish him the best of luck during his high school season and college search.

Thomas Eames: When did Duke begin recruiting you? Do you expect to get an offer from them down the road?

Jayson Tatum: They started recruiting me towards the end of the summer! I would love to receive an offer from Duke down the road!

Thomas Eames: What about Duke is attractive to you as a student athlete?

Jayson Tatum: I like there style of play and how they hold you accountable on the court and in the classroom!

Thomas Eames: What would you bring to the Duke Basketball program?

Jayson Tatum: I feel I would come in ready to work hard and learn from Coach K.

Thomas Eames: Do you have any plans to make a visit to Duke in the future?

Jayson Tatum: Yeah I plan to get on campus one day.

Thomas Eames: Have you felt any pressure being one of the top recruits in the 2016 class?

Jayson Tatum: I am just blessed to be recognized as one of the top players and am trying to keep working to be the best.

Thomas Eames: What is the biggest strength in your game right now?

Jayson Tatum: Play making and being versatile, being able to score from different areas on the court.

Thomas Eames: What are you hoping to improve in your game before you begin playing college basketball?

Jayson Tatum: Probably getting quicker and putting on some weight.

Thomas Eames: What other colleges are currently high on your list?

Jayson Tatum: All the schools that have offered. I haven't cut any off my list yet!

(Offers include Missouri, Kansas, Saint Louis, Kentucky, Memphis, Marquette, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Michigan State, Ohio State, and North Carolina)

Thomas Eames: Although it is very early in the process, do you have a timetable for creating a list of schools and eventually choosing one?

Jayson Tatum: Actually right now, I just really don't know yet.

Thomas Eames: Is there anything else you want to tell Duke fans?

Jayson Tatum: In my eyes, Jabari Parker is my favorite player to watch in college.

Thomas Eames: Great to hear. Thanks for your time and best of luck in your high school season and your college decision process!

Jayson Tatum: Thank you!