Jayson Tatum is Duke's latest offer and their second offer in the 2016 class. I interviewed Jayson a few months ago, but was able to catch up with him again after he received his offer from Duke. You can view my first interview with Jayson here.


Thomas Eames: What were your first thoughts when you were offered by Duke?

Jayson Tatum: At first, I was really surprised. I wasn't expected at all. I am just really blessed and thankful.

Thomas Eames: I know you are good friends with Harry Giles. Is he a player you hope to play with in college?

Jayson Tatum: Yeah, it's something that we have discussed because we both really enjoy playing together.

Thomas Eames: Is Duke a place that you could see yourself playing with Harry Giles?

Jayson Tatum: Yes, it is.

Thomas Eames: Do you plan on visiting Duke in the near future?

Jayson Tatum: Yes. I plan on going to the Duke vs North Carolina game on March 9th.

Thomas Eames: How has the recent commitments of Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor affected your thoughts on Duke?

Jayson Tatum: Those two are some guys I definitely look up to and like to watch play.

Thomas Eames: Awesome. Thanks for your time and congratulations on your Duke offer.