The class of 2016 is loaded in the Carolina’s. Leading the pack of sophomore’s is Dennis Smith Jr. who is currently averaging 17.6 points, 7.9 rebounds and and 8.3 assists per game for Trinity Christian Schools (N.C.). His blend of explosiveness and IQ has led the crusaders to a 17-2 record with one of their losses coming to nationally ranked Carlisle (VA). Duke has shown some considerable interest in the athletic guard from Fayettville, NC.


Thomas Eames: What colleges are currently recruiting you the hardest?


Dennis Smith Jr: VCU, NC State, UNCC and UNC.


Thomas Eames: Has Duke been recruiting you recently? What Duke coaches have been talking to you?


Dennis Smith Jr: Not as heavy, and Coach Capel.


Thomas Eames: Is Duke a school you hope continues to recruit you? What is attractive about Duke as a student athlete?


Dennis Smith Jr: Yes definitely. It's arguably the most prestigious program as far as college basketball goes. They're also notorious for being great academically.


Thomas Eames: What do you believe you could bring to the Duke Basketball program?


Dennis Smith Jr: Leadership, athleticism at the guard spot and defense.


Thomas Eames: Do you have any plans to visit Duke in the future?


Dennis Smith Jr: Yes hopefully in the next two weeks.


Thomas Eames: What are the biggest strengths in your game right now?


Dennis Smith Jr: Athleticism and my ability to score as well as get my team involved.


Thomas Eames: What are you hoping to improve most before you begin your college career?


Dennis Smith Jr: Never taking plays off and staying sound defensively.


Thomas Eames: Do you have any idea when you will begin creating a college list and eventually making a college decision?


Dennis Smith Jr: Next year.


Thomas Eames: Are there any last things you would like Duke fans to know about you?


Dennis Smith Jr: I'm a big fan of Duke.


Thomas Eames: Good to know. Thanks so much for your time and best of luck with your high school season on your college decision process.