Matt Ryan is a recent 2015 Duke recruit as a shooting guard from Iona Prep. He does not have a Duke offer yet, but hopefully will soon. He is a great person and someone I hope to see in a Duke jersey in a few years. Here is the interview I had with him on Sunday, where we discuss his recent Duke recruitment and many other things. Big thanks to Matt Ryan for doing the interview!


When did Duke first begin recruiting you? What has that been like?


Duke first began recruiting me a couple weeks ago and it has been a very humbling experience because it has been a school that I've watched on television for many years. I have been talking with Coach Wojo and he came up to my school last week.


What is the biggest thing you like about Duke?


The biggest thing I like about Duke is there successful history and making players into professionals. They are a national championship contender every single year and have the most respected coach in college basketball. They also have very prestigious academics which is very attractive and also compete in the acc, probably the most competitive conference in the country in a couple of years.


What would you bring to the Duke basketball program?


I would bring great leadership and tremendous hard work. The same amount of time I put in to be able to play at a school like Duke wouldn't stop and I would push my teammates to do the same. I would bring scoring on the court, communication skills, and great help defense defensively as well as versatility.


Do you plan on visiting Duke soon?

I have no dates planned but I'm interested in going down for a game on a weekend I'm free, possibly January or February.


It is very early, but do you have any favorite schools?


At this point, my favorites would be in no order: Duke, ND, BC, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Pitt, Florida, Minnesota, Providence, Clemson, WVU, Arizona State, Virginia, Rutgers, Harvard, Northwestern, Iowa State, Creighton, Davidson, Fordham, and URI.


Do you feel like you are underrated by many of the recruiting websites?


As much as I don't pay attention to them, I'm still aware of where they rank me and I think it's ridiculous. I see many players who I am better than and others who get a higher rank simply because they competed on the EYBL circuit last year. So yes, I feel underrated. But I don't care because I can only go up in the rankings where others are going to go down when I pass them.


Is there an NBA or college player that you model your game after?


There's a couple. JJ Redick, Chandler Parsons, and Mike Miller I think.

Are there any last things you want Duke fans to know about you?


I'm a 3.9 student. Duke is one of my favorites and they haven't even offered yet. JJ was my favorite player growing up. And I plan to have duke in my final five this time next year!