Malik Newman is the first ranked recruit by ESPN in the 2015 class. 247 Sports has his list of schools as Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi St, NC State, Ole Miss, Duke, Southern Miss, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisville, Memphis and Georgetown. He has a long time left in his recruitment, but Duke has a decent chance to land this extremely talented guard.



Thomas Eames: When did you receive a Duke offer? What was the feeling like?

Malik Newman: I'm not sure when I received it [Mid-June] but it was a great feeling! Knowing that a big college like Duke wants me made me feel really good!


Thomas Eames: What about Duke is attractive to you as a student athlete?

Malik Newman: Duke is a great school to attend! Their students always have great jobs open when they finish with school and as a basketball player, they always make the tournament and they have pros every year.


Thomas Eames: What could you bring to the Duke Basketball program?

Malik Newman: If I attend Duke, I could bring whatever Coach K will need me to do.


Thomas Eames: Do you plan on visiting Duke soon?

Malik Newman: I do but I'm not sure when.


Thomas Eames: What are the biggest strengths in your game right now?

Malik Newman: My ability to score.


Thomas Eames: What are you hoping to most improve before you start your college basketball career?

Malik Newman: Everything really.


Thomas Eames: Have you felt any pressure being the top recruit in the 2015 class?

Malik Newman: No.


Thomas Eames: Although it is early, do you have a list or timetable for your college decision?

Malik Newman: Nope, not right now.


Thomas Eames: Is there any last things you want to Duke fans to know about you?

Malik Newman: They know just about everything!


Thomas Eames: Thank so much for your time and best of luck with your high school season and college decision!

Malik Newman: Thank you.