Luke Kennard is an extremely talented 6'5" shooting guard ranked 24th in the 2015 recruiting class by ESPN. He is a two sport star at Franklin High School in Ohio, as a starting guard in basketball and quarterback in football. Luke Kennard is a highly coveted recruit, as seen by his list, but he is a player that Duke has a good chance at getting a commitment from.

Thomas Eames: When did you receive an offer from Duke? What was the feeling like when they offered?

Luke Kennard: Duke offered during the Peach Jam Tournament one night! Coach K called and said he's offering me and it was like a dream come true. I got some other big offers but I honestly couldn't sleep much that night! 

Thomas Eames: What about Duke is so attractive to you as a student athlete?

Luke Kennard: Well first off, the coaches are unbelievable! Some of the best in the country. I really like the academic part. It's really top notch. I like the campus a lot. I haven't been on a visit but I've walked around the campus! 

Thomas Eames: Do you plan on visiting Duke in the near future?

Luke Kennard: Yes, we haven't planned a date for an official visit but I really would like to take one very soon.

Thomas Eames: What would you bring to the Duke Basketball program?

Luke Kennard: Coach K talked to me about playing different positions. Mainly to handle the ball, score and just be a play maker.

Thomas Eames: What other schools are currently high on your list?

Luke Kennard: Ohio State , Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Louisville, Michigan, and Florida.

Thomas Eames: That’s a great list. Do you have any time table for when you will take your official visits and eventually make a final college decision?

Luke Kennard: Possibly the end of my junior year.

Thomas Eames: What are you hoping to improve most in your game before you make it to the college level?

Luke Kennard: I believe strength will be a big key for me to improve on. So mostly that, and I want to get my vertical up some too.

Thomas Eames: What College Basketball or NBA player do you most compare your game to?

Luke Kennard: Well I really haven't compared myself to anyone. I've heard Jalen Rose though! But my favorite player is Kevin Durant.

Thomas Eames: Two great players to be compared to. Do you feel any pressure being rated as one of the top players in the 2015 class?

Luke Kennard: Not really. I mean I still need to be able to prove that I am able to play at the next level, but at the same time, I just need to be the player I am and just do whatever it takes to win! It's really exciting being at the top but I don't let the pressure get to me when I'm playing.

Thomas Eames: Are there any last things you want Duke fans to know about you and your game?

Luke Kennard: Honestly, I'm just a kid pursuing my dreams and I will do whatever it takes to bring success to any program!!

Thomas Eames: That’s awesome. Thanks so much for your time and best of luck with your high school season and college decision process.

Luke Kennard: Thanks!! I appreciate it.