Ivan Rabb is currently the top rated 2015 recruit on ESPN and has received interest by almost every college in the country. The talented big man recently cut his list to Arizona, California, UCLA, Duke, Georgetown, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, UNC, NC State, Ohio State and USC. He has not received a Duke offer yet but I expect one will come soon. Ivan is a great player and I greatly enjoyed talking with him. Here is our interview!



Thomas Eames: When did you first hear from Duke? What has the communication been like?


Ivan Rabb: I first heard from Duke last year during the AAU Circuit. The communication has been off and on but the coaches talk to my mom a lot.


Thomas Eames: What about Duke is attractive to you as a student athlete?


Ivan Rabb: Duke is known as a place where people who want to do great things in life go to school.


Thomas Eames: What could you bring to the Duke basketball program?


Ivan Rabb: I can bring my love for the game and someone loves to work.


Thomas Eames: Do you think you will get an offer from Duke soon? What would a Duke offer mean to you?


Ivan Rabb: I think I may get an offer soon. It will mean a lot because Coach K is one of the greatest coaches who ever lived and he wants to recruit me.


Thomas Eames: Do you hope to visit Duke in the near future?


Ivan Rabb: I plan to visit Duke soon but we'll see how things pan out.


Thomas Eames: What are you most looking for in a college?


Ivan Rabb: I'm also looking for a school that I can get a great education and just have to have a lot of fun, play hard, play well and mostly just won a lot of games.


Thomas Eames: Do you have a time table for when you hope to cut your list and ultimately make your decision?


Ivan Rabb: I have already cut my list once this year and I think I'll be cutting it again but I'm not sure when right now.


Thomas Eames: Are there any last things you want Duke fans to know about you?


Ivan Rabb: I want them to know that I'm happy that they're recruiting me and I'm looking forward to the future.