Ranked 30th by ESPN in the 2015 recruiting class, DJ Hogg is a 6’7” Small Forward out of Plano, Texas. He plays AAU for the Texas Titans, the same team as current Blue Devil Matt Jones. DJ is most known for being an outstanding shooter, with the ability to attack the rim off the dribble. I was able to talk to DJ, who recently received interest from Duke. He is a great player and nice person who would look great in a Duke jersey.


Thomas Eames: When did you first hear from Duke? What was the feeling like?


DJ Hogg: It was 2 months ago. I was excited because Duke is a top program.


Thomas Eames: What about Duke is attractive to you as a student athlete?


DJ Hogg: Duke has always been a winning program. They play almost all their games on national television.


Thomas Eames: If you decided to attend Duke, what would you bring to the basketball program?


DJ Hogg: I would bring Duke my three point stroke. I am a great team player; I love to win and hate to lose.


Thomas Eames: Playing for the Texas Titans, did you get to play with Matt Jones?


DJ Hogg: We practiced against each other occasionally and worked out together sometimes.


Thomas Eames: Do you have any plans to visit Duke?


DJ Hogg: I am hoping to visit Duke so I can see what it’s like.


Thomas Eames: Do you think Duke will offer you at some point?


DJ Hogg: I am really hoping they offer me at some point.


Thomas Eames: What schools have shown you interest so far?


DJ Hogg: I've gotten offers from Arizona, Baylor, UCLA, Texas, Oregon, SMU, TCU, Houston, Iowa, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Creighton, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Missouri and Oklahoma State. I've also gotten interest from UNC, Duke, Florida, Kansas, Ohio State and Alabama. 


Thomas Eames: When do you hope to make a decision on where you will attend college?



DJ Hogg: I going to make my decision senior year.


Thomas Eames: Thanks so much for your time and best of luck in you high school season and college decision.


DJ Hogg: Thank you.