Duke's latest basketball commit was top rated guard Luke Kennard. I wrote more about his decision to commit here. I was extremely fortunate to get to ask Luke a few questions about his decision to commit to Duke and his future. I hope you enjoy!


Thomas Eames: What is the thing about Duke that influenced your decision the most?

Luke Kennard: The visit went great. I built great relationships with the coaches, the environment was great, it's a great academic school and I just loved the small, hometown feel but on such a big stage.


Thomas Eames: What role do you see yourself playing during your time at Duke?

Luke Kennard: Coach K talked about that. He said he wouldn't be doing me a favor if he put me at a certain position. So he said I would be a playmaker and at any position. I can see myself mainly as a scorer for my team and just a player to make plays!


Thomas Eames: Now that you have made your decision, do you plan on trying to convince any other recruits to join you?

Luke Kennard: I've been trying to get my man Chase Jeter to join me! But other than that, not yet. Once some other guys get offers I'll be on top of that.


Thomas Eames: What are your plans for this summer in terms of playing and improving your game?

Luke Kennard: I'll be playing with King James Shooting Stars and just getting in a bunch of workouts throughout the summer. I'm going to be trying out for Team USA early June too.


Thomas Eames: Are there any former Duke players that you or Coach K think you can model your game after?

Luke Kennard: Well he said I'm my own player. He wants me to be me. But he also said he sees me as a JJ Reddick and Jon Scheyer!


Thomas Eames: I like the Jon Scheyer comparison especially with him coaching you. Any last think you want to say to all your Duke fans?

Luke Kennard: I'm ready to get there and play in front of the best fans in America and we're about to win a National Championship!


Thomas Eames: I love the confidence. Thanks so much for your time and best of luck with everything!

Luke Kennard: Thank you!