Thoughts From Last Night

            Last night was tough to watch.  The last 10 minutes looked like a train wreck that you couldn’t look away from.  After re-watching the game, I took note of a few things I noticed about this game.  

            Even in the first half, this team looked stressed, uptight, and frustrated.  Coach K seemed disengaged, he sat down on the bench for most of the game, even as our team was grasping for air as Wake Forest went on a 12-0 run to go up 5 with 2 minutes left.  He would stand up, yell something to the players on the court, and then just sit back down on the bench.   There seemed to be a lack of leadership, no one took hold of this team and willed them to win this game.  They held a 7 point lead with 5 minutes left and somehow found a way to lose. 

            Inconsistency seems to be the main thing plaguing this team.  They were out of sync offensively, could be from the long lay off, but when you have a week to prepare you shouldn’t look like that.  Duke would make a great play and beat the zone and get it inside, but would be unable to duplicate it again.  Point guard play was an issue, no stability or ability to create off the dribble or put the ball in other playmakers hands.

            I don’t know if there were really any bright spots from this game.  Jabari had a double-double, but barely touched the ball in the final minutes.  Too many turnovers and just not enough shots made.  This team just goes into panic mode at the first sign of life from the other team.  They expect teams to lie down for them; they’ve struggled with getting a team on the ropes and putting the finishing touches on them.

            All of the negative emotion and lack of heart really worries me with this team.  They seem to crack at the first sign of adversity.  This team lacks mental toughness, their play on Saturday should let us know if they have anything left.  This teams offensive inconsistency and defensive lapses will be their downfall.  I hate to say this, and I hope they prove me wrong but depending on matchups, this Duke team could see an early out come tournament time.