Duke Football? Yes! Duke Football! Since when did Duke have a known football team? Well, last night Duke went head to head with a fantastic #20 ranked Texas A&M squad, in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. The game was fulfilled with intensity and suspense!

Duke took an early lead through the first minutes, leading 14-3 at the end of the 1st! At this time, all Duke fans were shocked. We haven't seen Duke play football this superior for decades! The 2nd quarter was all Blue Devils. 3 touchdowns, and a field goal was produced by Duke in the 2nd quarter. At the half, the score was 38-17, Duke! After halftime, the momentum shifted completely. Now, it was all Johnny football. Duke couldn't find the end zone and was held to only a field goal throughout the whole 3rd quarter. At the end of the 3rd quarter, Duke was still beating Texas A&M, but the Aggies were starting to comeback. The score, 41-31!

The 4th quarter was very disappointing. Touchdown after touchdown for the Aggies. 3 TD's alone in the fourth quarter scored by the Aggies. After having a terrific first 3 quarters, Anthony Boone (Duke QB) threw two late, costly interceptions. One interception was thrown on a productive drive near the end zone with just over a minute remaining. That ended Duke's season. The final score-Texas A&M Aggies 52, and your Duke Blue Devils 48!

While losing in this game was very heartbreaking, did anyone even think of Duke ever getting here? Duke surprised the nation and played very well against one heck of a team. Now the stats!

Anthony Boone threw for 4 TD's(including 1 rushing), 2 interceptions, and an enormous 427 yards!

WR Jamison Crowder had 12 receptions for a wowing 163 yards, and a TD. WR Braxton Deaver had 6 receptions for 116 yards, RB Josh Snead had 3 catches for 21 yards, and a TD. David Reeves caught only his 3rd reception of the whole season, and it was an important one. It was a 21 yard play, late in the game, diving into the end zone!

Now onto the RB's. RB Josh Snead had a tremendous running game, running for 104 yards and a TD. RB Juwan Thompson ran 11 times for 92 yards! QB Brandon Connette ran twice for 4 yards, and an early TD. Kicker Ross Martin was 2/3 on the night.

What an amazing game by the Blue Devils, and what an outstanding season! I look forward to watching them next year, as they improve more! Go Blue Devils!