While there were many highlights and great things from Duke against FAU, my biggest takeaway was the play of senior Andre Dawkins. He hit five three pointers and scored a very impressive 17 points. He looked like a player deserving of major minutes, after playing just two minutes in Duke's first two games. He looked extremely comfortable shooting, not surprisingly, but he also looked good driving and playing defense. Duke has been looking for players to come off the bench and Dawkins may have set himself apart.

In the second half of the Kansas game, Coach K proved that there were only seven players he truly trusted. This hurt Duke down the stretch, as Duke appeared to be fatigued. Andre Dawkins appears to be an eighth that Coach K will be able to trust. We will have to see Dawkins do it in a more competitive game but today was a great start. He fills out Duke's guard rotation, with Cook, Thornton and Sulaimon. Unfortunately, Dawkins performance may push Matt Jones out of the rotation.

In my article after Duke's loss to Kansas, one of my huge questions was filling out Duke's rotation. Andre Dawkins has begun to prove himself for a spot in that rotation. Their guard rotation appears to be set and we will see how their forward rotation continues to develop. Andre Dawkins is one of the best pure shooters in Duke history and looks like he is finally ready to prove it.