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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Stuhmiller  Interview by Jay Kinde ad Al Hager

Mr. Stuhlmiller teaches AP Government and Theory of Knowledge(TOK) for the IB program.He loves teaching and is very enthusiastic in how he engages the class in discussion. Most of all, he loves the students because he gets to experience a vast amount of perspectives which aids in his discussions in both classes that he teaches. This school year is his 27th year teaching at Kenmore West. When he was starting out as a teacher, before he came to Kenmore West, he worked in a Buffalo private school teaching K-8 Spanish because there were no openings for Social Studies at the time. He then moved up to teaching grades 6-8 both Spanish and Social Studies before finally coming to Kenmore West. He has been teaching TOK since Kenmore West began offering IB. He’s not only enthusiastic in his teaching life, he has many hobbies outside of school. He enjoys ornithology, art, biking, reading, camping, hiking, and more. He is also an avid philatelist, also known as a stamp collector. If you look closely at his walls, you will see evidence of this. He is sad to say, stamp collecting is a dying hobby. Overall, he’s quite an interesting person. If you get the chance to take a class with him, I highly recommend it...Read More.

A Memory I Can’t Forget By Al Hager

Homecoming 2019   by Maddie Crispin

Ash, a bloody handprint, and a warbled headlight. This is what I saw the day I returned home from my first summer vacation. It was July, the summer before I started middle school, and I lost one of my homes. That sounds really pretentious. Let me rephrase that. My mom, my older sister, my stepdad, my grandpa, my seven animals and I lost our home. July 8th, 2013, 2:30 am, a faulty fan sparked and caught fire in my next-door neighbor's nursery. The flames overtook their home; fleeing the house, leaving their puppy caged in the basement, parents of a quickly fading newborn began pounding fists on doors. Bloody handprints. Due to the Riverside houses being so close together, the fire easily spread. The roof of my house lit like a match consuming my grandpa's....Read More

The Homecoming Dance took place on 19th, 2019. The Home-coming Dance is dance many people look forward to.The dress code for the dance is semi-formal. Many girls spend weeks picking out the right outfit. This year we were told at 9am the day of the dance, that we were not allowed to wear heels in the gym. This caused some people to scramble, trying to find the perfect shoes for their outfit. The night started at 7 o’clock. There were over 800 people at the dance. It was held in the new gym due to the high volume of people attending the dance. The line to get in was fairly long. It took some peo-ple at least 20 minutes to get into the dance. Once inside, you were checked to see if you had your ticket and ID, and then you went into a line that corresponded with ...Read More


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